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Programme : Beethoven/ Brahms

Beethoven : Sonata op 23 in a minor
Sonata op 96 in G Major

Brahms : Scherzo from FAE Sonata
Sonata op. 108 in d minor


Beethoven : Sonata op. 12 n 2 in A Major
Sonata op. 30 n 2 in c minor

Brahms : Sonata op. 78 in G Major


Beethoven : Sonata op. 12 n 1 in D Major
Sonata op. 30 n 1 in A Major

Beethoven : Sonata op. 30 n 3 in G Major
Brahms : Sonata op. 100 in A Major

Intégrale des pièces pour violon et piano de SCHUBERT : (2 récitals) :
Sonatina D 385 Sonatina D 408
Rondo D 895 Fantasy D 934

Sonatina D 384
Gran Duo D 574
Sonata Arpeggione D 821

Faure : Violin Sonata op. 13
Debussy : Sonata
Franck : Sonata

Intégrale des sonates pour violon et piano de Beethoven (enregistrement prévu en Mai 2018) : (en 3 récitals)

Op. 12 n. 1 Op. 12 n. 2 Op. 12 n. 3 Op. 47

Op. 30 n. 1 Op. 30 n. 2 Op. 30 n. 3

Op. 22 Op. 24 Op. 96


Daniela Cammarano began learning to play violin at the age of four and has appeared in Argentina, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States performing as soloist, chamber musician and with

"Daniela is a born leader. Beautiful, intelligent, gracious, she exemplifies all the qualities as a soloist and a concertmaster at the highest levels of virtuosity."

“... It has been a great pleasure for me to work with the superb Italian
violinist Daniela Cammarano. Daniela has it all : a magnificent
sound, a superlative technique and a unique and creative artistic
sense. She is a very special artist : loving and generous.”

—W. Naboré

Daniela Cammarano has performed in orchestras such as RAI Symphonic Orchestra,Turin ; Teatro San Carlo, Naples (concertino / concert master ; principal second violin) ; Fenice Theatre, Venice ; Filarmonica della Scala (concertino ) ; Lyrical Theatre, Cagliari (concertmaster) ; Sicilian Symphonic Orchestra, Palermo (concertmaster) ; Opera Theatre, Rome (concertino / concertmaster, principal second violin), Scala Theatre (concertino)...
Daniela Cammarano has appeared as soloist with the Sibiu Philharmonic (Romania), the Botosani Philharmonic Orchestra (Romania), the Solisti Aquilani (Italy), and the Milan Conservatory Philharmonic (Italy).

Daniela has been invited to appear as guest artist with ensembles and festivals such as the Milan Concerts Association, Florence Friends of Music, the Italian Embassy of Zurich (Switzerland), the Vicar’s Residence (Rome, Italy), Festival de Louberon (France), Friends of Music Altea (Spain), Turin Musician’s Union, Friends of Music Piacenza, Lake Orta Festival, Como Musical Autumn, Bologna Music Ensemble and the Dolomites Sound Festival.
In addition, she has performed in major halls such as La Pergola (Florence), Sala Verdi (Milan), Alti Hall (Kyoto, Japan), St. Giovanni in Laterano Basilica (Rome), Dal Verme Theatre (Milan), Villa Rufolo (Ravello, Italy), Lauro Rossi Theatre (Macerata, Italy), Eminescu Theatre (Bolgna), Manzoni Theatre (Bologna) and Music Park (Rome).

As a chamber musician with the Fiesole Quartet Daniela has performed with Pietro De Maria, Kostantin Bogino, Fabio Bidini, Andrea Lucchesini, Gabriele Ragghianti, Giovanni Riccucci, Aandrea Nannoni, Oleksandr Semchuck, Danilo Rossi and Paolo Beltramini.

She often performs with Alessandro Deljavan with whom she has recorded extensively for the Aevea, Brilliant Classics and Onclassical labels. 2015 will see the release of two albums : the Complete Piano/String works of Taneyev, and the Complete Violin Sonatas of Grieg, both for Aevea.

Other artists she has performed with include Paul Gulda, Sylvie Gazeau, Alessandro Carbonare, Giuseppe Andaloro, Simonide Braconi, Enrico Bronzi and Bruno Canino

Daneila Cammarano graduated from the Conservatorio di Milano where she studied with M°Gigino Maestri.
She has participated in master classes with Massimo Quarta, Shlomo Mintz, Marco Rizzi, William Grant Noboré, John Perry, Peter Frankl and Gunter Pichler.
Daniela currently is on the violin faculty at the Conservatory of Music Antonio Scontrino in Trapani, Italy.

Johannes Brahms : Violin Sonata No. 3 Op. 108 - III. Un poco presto e con sentimento - An OnClassical production from OnClassical / ÆVEA on Vimeo.

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