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Christophe COIN, cello
Jean- Luc Ayroles, piano

With the romanticism, when the subjectivity of the creator becomes the center of inspiration and aim of the creation, the dream - "a second life" will write Gérard de Nerval - becomes the privileged means of an exploration of oneself.

"Reverie" becomes a privileged theme, associating the ancient melancholy and the inextinguishable thirst for infinity proper to the "evil of the century". For these are also metaphysical questions that the romantic dream carries, questioning the meaning of human destiny. (Daniel Bergez)

The Night and the Dream have always inspired great artists, but it is in the romantic century that the "Nocturne" and the "Reverie" take the form of living room or concert pieces, available to all instruments, by virtuoso composers who serve them.


Robert SCHUMANN : Träumerei (Trans. D.Popper Op.46)Retour ligne automatique
Ferdinand DAVID : Nocturne Op. n°4Retour ligne automatique
George GOLTERMANN : Rêverie Op.43 n°1 (dédié à Piatti)Retour ligne automatique
Edouard GRIEG : Vision Op.62 n°5Retour ligne automatique
Giovanni BOTTESINI : RêverieRetour ligne automatique
Alexandre TANSMAN : RêveRetour ligne automatique
Joseph HOLLMAN : RêverieRetour ligne automatique
Franz LISZT : En rêveRetour ligne automatique
Auguste FRANCHOMME : Nocturne Op.15 n°1Retour ligne automatique
Alfredo PIATTI : Nocturne Op.20


Franz LISZT : RêveurRetour ligne automatique
Claude DEBUSSY : Rêverie ( Trans. Ronchini)Retour ligne automatique
Maurice RAVEL : OndineRetour ligne automatique
Pau CASALS : Rêverie

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